Terms of Subscription Service

1. General Provisions

1.1. Sole Proprietor Ordin Ilya Yuryevich, PSRNSP (Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor) 313370219700017 (hereinafter – «Administration»), using this terms of subscription service (hereinafter – the «Terms») sets rules and terms and conditions for provision of Internet users (hereinafter – the «User») with the opportunity to obtain remote access to the service, which is available at https://englika.com (hereinafter – the «Service»), for a fee for a limited period of time (hereinafter – the «Subscription»). This Agreement shall take effect upon the User’s express agreement with its terms according to Clause 1.3 hereof.

1.2. This Terms may be amended by Administration without notice. New revision of this Terms shall take effect when posted online at https://englika.com/legal/terms-of-subscription-service, unless otherwise stated in the new revision of this Terms. The User shall independently track amendments to this Terms.

1.3. Upon making a Subscription, the User shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms in full without any limitations or exceptions. If the User does not agree to any provisions of this Terms, the User does not have the right to get the Subscription to the Service. If Administration makes any amendments to this Terms as prescribed by Clause 1.2 hereof to which the User does not agree, the User shall terminate the Subscription in User’s account in the Service (hereinafter – the «Personal Account»), which he or she can access having logged in with the User's email address and password.

1.4. By making a Subscription, the User:

1.4.1. Confirms that he or she is legally capable and has reached the age stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation and the User's governing law to effect transactions as per these Terms.

1.4.2. Guarantees the reliability of the personal data he or she provided when making a Subscription, accepts responsibility for their accuracy, completeness, and reliability. The User shall take all possible risks associated with his or her actions performed with errors or inaccuracies in the personal data he or she provided.

1.4.3. Confirms that he or she has read and unconditionally accepted the Terms and the fact that he or she understands the provisions of the Terms.

1.4.4. Confirms that he or she accepts the terms and conditions the User Agreement, which is available at https://englika.com/legal/user-agreement, and the Privacy Policy, which is available at https://englika.com/legal/privacy-policy.

2. Making a Subscription

2.1. Making a Subscription, access to the content of the Service are only available to the User, who logged into the Service.

2.2. By making a Subscription, the User buying a Subscription enters into a contract with Administration (hereinafter – the «Contract») under the terms and conditions stipulated by this document and the provisions of Art. 429.4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (subscriber's contract). Under the Contract, Administration undertakes to grant to the User remote access via Internet to the content of the Service for the duration of the period of time (for example, a month or a year), for which the Subscription is made (hereinafter – the «Subscription Period»), and the User undertakes to pay for the Subscription.

2.3. The amount of the Subscription fee to be transferred by the User buying a Subscription to Administration's account is specified in the Personal Account. Unless the Personal Account specifies otherwise, the fee is charged for each Subscription Period the User buying a Subscription determined when subscribing.

2.4. The User buying a Subscription shall pay for the Subscription as specified in this Clause. In order to make a Subscription and further pay for it, the User's bank card automatically link to his or her Personal Account (hereinafter – the «Linked Card»). Administration may debit any of the Linked Cards with the amount equal to the Subscription fee.

2.5. When the User enters the Linked Card data and further uses the Linked Card, he or she confirms and guarantees that he or she has specified the accurate and complete data of the valid bank card issued in his or her name; he or she complies with the rules of international payment systems and the requirements of the issuing bank that has issued the Linked Card, inter alia, in terms of non-cash settlements.

2.6. Administration reserves the right to require at any time that the User confirm the details of the Linked Card, and request supporting documents (in particular, identity documents). If Administration so decides, failure to provide these documents may amount to the provision of unreliable information and have consequences stipulated by Clause 3.1 of the Terms.

2.7. Remote access to the Subscription shall be deemed to be granted to the User for the Subscription Period in full from the moment the User pays for the Subscription, provided that the fact of payment is reflected in the Personal Account.

2.8. When subscribing, the User agrees that for each Subscription Period the User determined when subscribing, Administration may, as an advance fee, charge the Subscription fee (subscriber fee) set by Administration on the day of payment until the User who bought the Subscription refuses to renew the Subscription for the next Subscription Period.

2.9. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Subscription is automatically made for an indefinite period of time from the date the first Subscription Period is paid for. The User buying the Subscription may refuse to renew the Subscription for the next Subscription Period in his or her Personal Account. In this case, the Subscription and the User's remote access to the content of the Service shall be terminated from the day following the last day of the paid Subscription Period. Moreover, Administration may terminate the Subscription in other cases or for other reasons as stipulated in the Terms.

2.10. If the balance of the Linked Card is insufficient to renew the Subscription, Administration may choose not to cancel the User's access to the Subscription until the Linked Card is debited with the subscription fee amount. Administration may treat a long-term insufficient balance of the Linked Card as the User's refusal to renew the subscription from the date the unpaid Subscription Period begins.

2.11. By accepting the Terms, the User buying the Subscription consents to the regular automatic debiting of his/her account to pay for the Subscription and acknowledges that debit orders issued under this clause of the Terms are those of the User, and the processing center's and the acquiring bank's actions taken to debit the User's account in accordance with this Clause of the Terms are performed with the User's consent. Automatic debiting under this clause of the Terms begins subject to the following: the User enters all the required details of the Linked Card; the automatic Linked Card debiting service is activated automatically when the first payment is made; by clicking the «Pay» button or any other similar button, which shall mean the User consents with these Terms.

2.12. The User agrees that Administration may store the User's personal details for at least 3 (three) years from the Subscription Period end.

2.13. The User shall independently check the Subscription status in the Personal Account: paid Subscription Period, Subscription fee, list of available content and features of the Service which may be changed, inter alia, supplemented/reduced.

2.14. The User accepts and agrees that any change in the list of available content and features of the Service under the Subscription shall not be a ground for cancellation of the Subscription, revision of its cost for the paid Subscription Period, or making a refund for the Subscription.

3. Other Provisions

3.1. Administration reserves the right to deny the User an access to the Subscription or completely block the User's account, if Administration so decides, inter alia, if it finds out that the User provided incomplete or inaccurate data, if the User violated these Terms or the laws of the Russian Federation or the laws of the User's country of location. If the account is blocked because the User provided inaccurate personal data or if the User violated these Terms, the amount of the subscription fee the User has paid for the current Subscription Period will not be recalculated/refunded.

3.2. Administration may unilaterally revise the Subscription fee. The User who has made, and paid for, the Subscription (with automatic renewal) shall independently track amendments to the Subscription fee in the Personal Account. At the same time, the fee for the Subscription Period actually paid by the User at the time of making the respective changes is not subject to change.

3.3. Except as expressly stated otherwise in the Personal Account, the User may not transfer his or her Subscription rights and/or obligations to third parties, whether for payment or free of charge.

3.4. The User shall not misuse the granted remote access to the content and features of the Service as part of the Subscription, including not to perform any acts aimed at using the content and features of the Service for the benefit of third parties.

3.5. Administration shall take all reasonable measures and any appropriate steps to maintain the efficiency of the Service. The User is aware that the said the Service may experience technical faults and failures and agrees that Administration is technically incapable to predict, to notify the User of, or to fully exclude such faults and failures. Regardless of reasons and consequences, such faults or failures may not be grounds for sanctions against Administration.

3.6. Administration may, if it so decides, involve third parties to exercise its rights and duties under these Terms.

3.7. This Agreement shall be regulated and interpreted according to laws of the Russian Federation. Any issues not regulated hereby shall be settled according to Russian law. Any disputes arising out of relations regulated by this Agreement shall be settled as prescribed by applicable Russian laws according to Russian legal standards.

3.8. If for any reasons one or several provisions of this Agreement are declared invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions hereof.

3.9. This Agreement is made in the Russian and English languages. In case of any differences between the Russian text of this Agreement and the English text of this Agreement, the Russian text shall prevail.

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